Saarland University, Machine Learning Group, Fak. 6 - Mathematik und Informatik, Campus E1 1, 66123 Saarbücken, Germany     

Machine Learning Group
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - Saarland University


Researcher/Ph.D. Student,
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Saarland University

Building E 1 1, Room 229
Universität des Saarlandes
Postfach 15 11 50
D - 66041 Saarbrücken




I got my MS degree in Computer Science in 2015 from Saarland University where I have been supported by the International Max-Planck School for Computer Science (IMPRS). Before that, I received a BS in Computer Science from University of Engineering and Technology (a memeber of Vietnam National University Hanoi). My general research interests are in optimization, machine learning and computer vision.
My current focus is on non-convex optimization, in particular deep neural networks.




  • Q. Nguyen and M. Hein
    The Loss Surface and Expressivity of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
    preprint, available at arXiv
  • Q. Nguyen and M. Hein
    The Loss Surface of Deep and Wide Neural Networks
    ICML 2017. PDF  (Long version including proofs: PDF )
  • A. Gautier, Q. Nguyen and M. Hein
    Globally Optimal Training of Generalized Polynomial Neural Networks with Nonlinear Spectral Methods
    NIPS 2016. PDF  Supplement: PDF  (code will be available soon)
  • Q. Nguyen, A. Gautier and M. Hein
    Nonlinear Spectral Methods for Nonconvex Optimization with Global Optimality
    NIPS'16 Workshop On Optimization for Machine Learning. PDF 
  • Y. Xian, Z. Akata, G. Sharma, Q. Nguyen, M. Hein and B. Schiele
    Latent Embeddings for Zero-shot Classification
    Spotlight at CVPR 2016. arXiv
    (project page)
  • Q. Nguyen, F. Tudisco, A. Gautier and M. Hein
    An Efficient Multilinear Optimization Framework for Hypergraph Matching
    accepted at IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI) 2016, preprint available at arXiv
  • Q. Nguyen, A. Gautier and M. Hein
    A Flexible Tensor Block Coordinate Ascent Scheme for Hypergraph Matching
    CVPR 2015 (oral presentation). PDF  Supplement: PDF 
    Extended Abstract: PDF  Poster: PDF  Slide: PDF 
    (project page)