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Saarland University, Machine Learning Group, Fak. MI - Mathematik und Informatik, Campus E1 1, 66123 Saarbr├╝cken, Germany     

Machine Learning Group
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - Saarland University


Researcher/Ph.D. Student,
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Saarland University

Saarland University
Saarland Informatics Campus
Building E 1 1, Room 228
66123 Saarbr├╝cken

phone: +49 681 302-57331



I obtained my first degree in mathematics at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) during which I had the chance to study one year in Berlin. Then I did my master (also at EPFL) in the chair of Numerical Algorithm and High-Performance Computing. I'm basically interested in all kind of mathematics and especially in spectral theory and numerical analysis. My research concern numerical algorithm for solving non-linear eigenvalue problems.




  • A. Gautier, F. Tudisco and M.Hein
    The Perron-Frobenius Theorem for Multi-homogeneous Maps
    preprint, available at arxiv
  • A. Gautier, Q. Nguyen and M. Hein
    Globally Optimal Training of Generalized Polynomial Neural Networks with Nonlinear Spectral Methods
    NIPS 2016. PDF  Supplement: PDF  (code will be available soon)
  • Q. Nguyen, A. Gautier and M. Hein
    Nonlinear Spectral Methods for Nonconvex Optimization with Global Optimality
    NIPS'16 Workshop On Optimization for Machine Learning. PDF 
  • A. Gautier and M. Hein
    Tensor norm and maximal singular vectors of non-negative tensors - a Perron-Frobenius theorem, a Collatz-Wielandt characterization and a generalized power method
    preprint, available at arxiv. (project page)
  • Q. Nguyen, F. Tudisco, A. Gautier and M. Hein
    An Efficient Multilinear Optimization Framework for Hypergraph Matching
    arXiv:1511.02667v1 Link
  • Q. Nguyen, A. Gautier and M. Hein
    A Flexible Tensor Block Coordinate Ascent Scheme for Hypergraph Matching
    CVPR 2015 (oral presentation). PDF  (Supplementary material: PDF ) ( project page)